The about page best starts with an initial “I”, but I don’t do this because it feels impolite. If you want to know more about me, you are welcome to drop by or write to werner@wernerroth.de.

I was born just after the Moon landed, but instead of becoming an astronaut, I ended up working in IT.

I am currently working closely with the sales team, advising strategic customers, as an Enterprise Architect for NTT Germany AG & Co. KG.

Previously, I had spent a long time working in presales for managed services or service management in general at Fujitsu Germany. My team and I have become diverse, lean and agile, which is not easy for a team of consultants.

Before that, I ran the service and support department at Benteler Deutschland GmbH. I made some changes in the direction of IT service management.

Prior to that, I worked for Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH (now Diebold Nixdorf), dealing with ITIL, partners, projects, programs, software and solutions. Some of you might know me from the ATM sector or from the retail industry.

Formerly I was at Sun Microsystems GmbH (now Oracle Corporation) and took care of OpenOffice.org, StarOffice, projects and business development.

Until then, I was a research associate at the University of Paderborn and worked on software usability, research and teaching as well as research funding.

In my leisure time I do everything I enjoy.

Kneipenlesung (pub reading) is a group of friends who read to the public stories from various books. No poetry slam, no reading by an author, just reading, sipping beer and listening. Surprisingly enough people come and listen to this at kneipenlesung.de (German only).

Further hobbies are typography, espresso, alternative use of alternatives and similar things. Then there is the habitual stuff at home, mowing the lawn, DIY, installing new technology, tinkering with bicycles, etc. what you just do.

Profiles on the net:

If you want to know more, just drop me a line. Please send it to the above address and not to the webmaster, there is a lot falling through the cracks.

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